Conntecting the Dots

How to Set Our Heads and Hearts in a Good Place

Hey, my friend! Wanna want to set your head and heart in a good place as this week begins? I do. I believe this verse holds the key:


“How amazing are the deeds of the LORD! All who delight in him should ponder them. Everything he does reveals his glory and majesty. His righteousness never fails,” says Psalm 111:2,3 (NLT).


How easy it is to ponder negative thoughts. We replay difficult conversations, focus on irritating circumstances, and fixate on disappointments.  What happens? We topple into an attitude of despair. And that attitude spreads to those around us.


What’s the cure? Ponder the Lord and His deeds. Intentionally focus our thoughts on His character.  Camp on His greatness and on everything He’s given to us and done for us.


Doing so scoops us from the muck of worry, fear, anger, and frustration, and sets us in the place of gratitude, trust, and courage. That’s the mindset with which I want to approach the new week. And so, I choose to ponder the Lord’s deeds beginning right now.


For starters, I’m thinking about how He has provided a strong team of volunteers to minister with us among kids living with life-threatening diseases in Romania this July.


Last week, two couples said yes to the Holy Spirit’s nudges. Their participation is a major answer to prayer, and their enthusiasm blesses me beyond words. One fellow actually quit his job so he could come and share Christ’s love with those who desperately need hope.


I’m also pondering the Lord’s deeds in regards to my writing. Last week He enabled me to complete one chapter (of three) for my next book proposal. That’s no small feat, considering the amount of time and concentration it takes and how little of both I have as we prepare to train our summer volunteers and then head overseas shortly. How amazing are His deeds! Having completed one chapter gives me hope that I can complete the next two.


Now it’s your turn. What thoughts about the Lord are you choosing to ponder today?

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