Conntecting the Dots

God Hears Our Prayers

Before we left for Romania, a friend of mine gave me several Scriptures written on recipe cards. “Maybe read one a day and repeat them if you like. They are given with much love and prayers,” she wrote on an attached note.


What a thoughtful bon voyage gift! The ones I’ve read have already blessed me, and I look forward to reading through the remainder day by day.


Here’s the first verse: “I love the Lord because he hears and answers my prayers. Because he bends down and listens, I will pray as long as I have breath!” (Psalm 116:1,2 NLT)


Indeed the Lord answers our prayers. Here’s a quick example of how we’ve seen Him do it already on this trip.


Last evening, our team went to the drop-in center where our four career missionary staff focus their efforts with teens and young adults. We sorted clothing, food, craft items, and other donations in preparation for the camp that begins tomorrow.


Last February, an American woman shipped seven boxes of clothing and other items to the drop-in center. Those boxes arrived a few days ago. When we unpacked them, we found a new pair of men’s size 13 shoes. We also found a pair of size 7 women’s shoes.


It just so happens that our staff recently invited two young adults to provide worship music at the camp. Guess what size shoes they wear?


How did that American woman know to include these shoes when she packed the boxes? No doubt she prayed for God to direct her as she decided what items to buy/collect/ship. And He answered.


Tomorrow we’ll meet the young adults who will receive their new shoes. I can hardly wait to see their faces!


What concerns do you have today? Rest assured that, so long as our hearts are in right relationship with Him and we ask with right motives, He will listen to our requests. In fact, He will bend down and listen—like a loving father stoops to hear what his little child says. What a beautiful picture of God’s care for us and our needs.


Today our team will drive another couple hours to reach the camp venue, and then we’ll spend the remainder preparing for our campers. Most importantly, we’ll spend time in prayer as a team, and then we’ll walk through each room, praying over every camper before he/she arrives. We do so in full confidence knowing that God hears us and will answer.


Be blessed today, my friend. And know that God will hear and answer your prayers, too.


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