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Poland–Here We Come!

We picked up our volunteers in Berlin and made our trip into Poland yesterday.

Shrines such as these are common sites along the roadways.

Shrines such as these are common sites along the roadways.

One of the things I enjoy most about leading short-term mission trips is working alongside the people God sends us every summer. Each is gifted in a unique way, and each brings a needed strength to the program. This year, our team is comprised of men and women ages 20s-early 70s.

Several will run a teens’ program. One will teach kids’ crafts. Another will help with kids’ games. Three of us will teach workshops (I’ll teach “Choosing the Legacy We Leave”), and others will help teach adult crafts and sports. Most will teach an hour of conversational English and an hour of English reading time (during which we read and discuss the parables of Jesus) every morning.

This year’s team has mostly first-timers. No doubt some feel nervous about ministering among people whose first language is not English. Some struggle with the fear of inadequacy. Some carry worries about what’s happening back home while they’re here.

Afternoon craft classes are always a hit.

Afternoon craft classes are always a hit.

I encourage them to remember that if God has called them to this task, then He will equip them to do their job. His presence is with them, and that’s all they need. “Do not be afraid for I am with you,” Scripture promises countless times.

And so, Poland–here we come! We’re a bunch of Canadians who have no clue what the next week will hold, but we’ve said yes to God and can hardly wait to see Him use us in ways that will leave us in awe.

For fun, here’s a video containing 45 interesting facts about Poland, the land I’ve come to love. How many of these things did you know?

PS: We would sure appreciate your prayers for physical stamina, for unity on the team, and for God to pour out His love on the campers through us.


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