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Does God Really Hear and Answer Us When We Pray?

Some people would read this question and say, “Absolutely!” Others would shake their heads: “No. Prayer doesn’t work. Why waste the energy?”


I fall into the former category. I believe God hears and answers prayer, but I also think His readiness to do so in the affirmative is dependent upon the things for which we ask.

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For instance, asking God to give us a different spouse than the one we already have isn’t likely going to garner any divine action in response to our plea. However, asking Him to change our attitude toward our mate guarantees a positive answer.


Asking Him, “Why?” in response to a tragedy might yield silence from heaven. But praying, “Father, glorify Yourself in and through this event that’s beyond human understanding,” promises an answer.


Asking God to guard us from problems may or may not get us the answer we want. But praying for strength and wisdom to navigate problems ensures that God will give us those characteristics for which we ask.


Does God answer prayer? Absolutely. Scripture says, “I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God. Bend down and listen as I pray” (Psalm 17:6).


Have you been praying for a specific request for a long time without results? Be encouraged today, my friend. If you’re praying according to God’s will, then the answer will come in His time and in His way. If you’re praying according to your own will, then ask Him to bring your request into alignment with His purposes, and watch Him work on your behalf.


NOTE: The quote on today’s pic is by J.I. Packer.


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