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A Divine Appointment Enroute to Kathmandu

I believe it’s Henry Blackaby who says, “God is at work at all times and in all places.” I saw that prove true (again) yesterday while aboard our flight from Vancouver to Asia.

divine appointments

I always prefer an aisle seat when flying, but this time I somehow earned the middle spot. Gene offered to swap his aisle seat for mine, but I said that I’d be fine. Seriously—I don’t know what would possess me to say that except God put those words in my mouth. Minutes later, a man in his early 30s approached and claimed the window seat.


The fellow immediately engaged me in conversation. I detected an accent, so I asked him where he was originally from. He said, “You mean my accent is still so obvious? I thought I’d rid myself of it.” Then he cocked his head slightly and said, “Okay – if you hear an accent in my speech, then you guess where I’m from.”


“Eastern Europe,” I said.


He looked shocked. “Wow. That’s very close. Actually, I was born in Russia.”


Conversation flowed easily from that moment. He asked if we travel internationally often, and I said yes. I told him that we’d returned recently from Eastern Europe, and about some of the IM work happening there.


“You have a very meaningful life,” he said. “I really admire that.”


His comment set my spiritual radar on high alert. Instantly, a pointed question popped into mind. I shot an arrow prayer heavenward and took the plunge. “What brings meaning to your life?” I asked.


The question surprised him. He gazed out the window for what seemed eternity. Then he turned to me and said, “It used to be money. But I’ve discovered that doesn’t work.” What an opening! Telling him about how to find meaning by having a relationship with his Creator through Jesus Christ came easily after that.


We talked for at least an hour about Christianity and how it differs from other religions. He asked questions, and I answered as best I could. He told me about struggles within his family, and I listened and offered a few insights. He actually took notes!


Our trip to Nepal is primarily to connect with one of our staff members and be part of her world for a few days. But God is not limited to our plans. He proved it again yesterday by planting me beside this young man who’s searching for meaning to life. My prayer is that our conversation will have brought him to a deeper understanding of God’s great love for him and created a thirst to know Jesus. I’m also praying for God to put another believer in his life wherever he is today.


How does this relate to you today? Believe that God’s at work in people everywhere and at all times. Ask Him to give you divine appointments with those whose hearts are ready to receive a good word. You might encounter them in the grocery store lineup, a doctor’s office waiting room, in a classroom setting, or while you’re at the park with your kids. They may be a coworker, a neighbor, a family member, or a complete stranger. Trust the Holy Spirit to plant you where He needs you, and then believe Him to direct the conversation with respectful boldness.


God is at work at all times and in all places. If you’re willing, then He’ll use you to bless other people and be a conduit of His love and hope no matter where you are.



4 Responses to “A Divine Appointment Enroute to Kathmandu”

  1. Sheila Gregoire

    That’s so wonderful, Grace! I wonder how many such opportunities God gives us–and we pass them up? So happy that you spoke up and listened to God’s prompting!

    • Grace Fox

      Hi Sheila! I love moments like this because God has so obviously been preparing the person’s heart. And I find it encouraging to know that the results of the conversation aren’t my responsibility. I just have to be faithful to embrace the moment and trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

  2. Wendy Dewar Hughes

    What a great story. We really never know how the Lord is going to put things and people together for us. It makes the Christian life such a wonderful adventure, doesn’t it?


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