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In the Beginning God


Every year I read through the Bible using a New Living Translation edition written expressly for that purpose. How appropriate on 01/01—the beginning of a new year—to see these words written in the first verse of the first chapter of the first book of the Bible: “In the beginning God…”


To me, beginning a new year is like opening a brand new journal. Each blank page represents opportunities yet to be discovered, adventures yet to unfold, truths yet to be learned. The pages hold no written regrets or frustrations. They’re clean and fresh and, like me, waiting expectantly for 2015 to take shape.

prayer for new year

You and I stand on the threshold of another new year. We have no clue what it holds, but we can be sure of several truths that run an interesting parallel to Genesis:


  • In the beginning, God was there (1:1). As 2015 dawns, He’s with us here, too.
  • In the beginning, God set into motion some amazing plans to accomplish His purposes. I wonder what amazing plans He has for you and me for 2015?
  • In the beginning, God worked in an orderly fashion to bring creation into being. God will work in an orderly fashion to accomplish His purposes in our lives this year. Nothing is haphazard.
  • In the beginning, God declared that everything He’d done was good (even “very good”). Everything He accomplishes in and through us in 2015 will be good, too.
  • In the beginning, God spoke words with divine authority, and everything He said came to pass (Genesis 1:6,9,14-15,24). As 2015 begins, let’s remember that all of God’s promises prove true. What He says goes. We can count on it, and we can face the new year with courage because of it.


“In the beginning God”—words filled with promise and hope. How do they resonate with you?

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