Conntecting the Dots

Marionetta and Her Five Strings

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32 NASB)


Author Calvin Miller penned a poem about a puppet named Marionetta. Each night after her performance, Marionetta hung in the dark, suspended by her five strings. She cried softly, wishing for the light and dreaming of the freedom to run and play like a real girl.

One night, Marionetta heard a kind voice: “Would you come with Me to the mountains and sea if I cut your strings so you could be free?”

She accepted His offer without a moment’s hesitation: “Yes, yes! Come, Master Dancer, and cut off my strings!”

Her puppet friends heard the voice, too. “Don’t believe Him!” they warned. “You’ll die without your strings!”

But Marionetta had made her choice. Five snips later, she was free! Life surged through her, and she ran from the darkness into the light.

John 8-32

Sometimes our lives resemble Marionetta’s. We feel empty, lifeless. Fear, doubt, and insecurity, like the puppet’s strings, hold us captive. And then we hear it—the Master Dancer’s voice: “Will you let Me cut your strings so you can be free?”

Part of us wants to respond, “Absolutely!” The other part hesitates: “But that might hurt. The familiar might not be the best, but it’s all I know. Leaving it for the unknown is a bit scary.”

Our response determines our future. If we trust Him and accept His invitation, as Marionetta did, we find freedom. If we reject His offer, we remain imprisoned. May we respond like Marionetta—“Yes, yes! Cut off my strings!” If we do, we will experience life the way He intended.

If you were Marionnetta, what strings might be holding you back from true freedom?



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