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Praying an Impossible Prayer


Have you ever faced a challenge so big that you knew resolving it would require a miracle, at least according to human perspective?


That’s where I’m at right now. My husband and I lost our ministry’s office space last August. Since then, he has worked at his desk in our basement as he did several years ago. Trouble is, our ministry has grown since its launch, and now our basement holds bags of clothing donations eventually bound for Romania, stuffed toys bound for Nepal, suitcases containing summer camp supplies, and more. Several days ago someone donated 40 handmade quilts for our ministry in Romania for abused women and children.

Luke 1-37

Besides that, losing our office space meant that our administrative assistant has had to work from her home a half hour away. Again, that’s been manageable over the winter, but when summer applications begin arriving in the mail shortly, Gene and Tracey need to work in the same office to keep all the details organized.


Besides that, another new office staff person is coming on board our team later this spring. That means we need space for at least 3-4 desks plus storage for donations and camp supplies. And we need it by the beginning of April, if not sooner.


And besides that—our family has grown since we moved into our townhouse, and we don’t have room to have everyone home at the same time comfortably. I love entertaining, and I really miss not being able to do so for lack of space. What to do?




Pray what I call “impossible prayers.”


Pray in faith believing that God, for whom nothing is impossible, will answer (Luke 1:37).


A potential office space came to our attention this week. Due to our circumstances, we need clear direction about this possibility by Tuesday next week. It has ramifications that would address our personal housing situation, too. For the whole thing to tie together, we need a miracle by human perspective.


Would you pray with us? Ask God to work our His purposes for His glory. Nothing more and nothing less.


And how can I pray for you? What’s your impossible prayer?

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  1. Linda

    Keeping you in prayer and ask for family salvation and for them to walk with God.

    • Grace Fox

      Thanks for the prayers, Linda. “Father, please grant Linda her heart’s desire in seeing her family come to saving faith in Jesus. We know you love them and desire the same, and You’re able to do this. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


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