Conntecting the Dots

In What Do You Hope?

Everyone I know wants his or her life to go well. I’m no different. I want my future to be a good one, filled with health and peace and a sense of purpose. Can you relate?


Seeking such a future means we consciously or subconsciously place our hope in specific things or people to help us achieve it. For instance, I want a future that’s filled with good health and mobility. That means I work at staying fit and I put my hope in attaining a weight loss goal. What happens, though, if my weight doesn’t come off as fast I wish? I could easily become discouraged, throw all self-discipline to the wind, and figure that my goal isn’t actually attainable so why bother?

I want a long, lasting future with my husband so I put my hope in him to help fulfill it. Trouble is, what happens if he doesn’t want a long, lasting future with me? Or what happens, say, if he’s handicapped in an accident or worse, he dies? The person in whom I’ve placed my hope won’t or can’t help me, and I’m left feeling frustrated, betrayed, or abandoned.


I want my kids to do well in life, so I put my hope in them and their achievements to become responsible and godly citizens. But what happens if they make their own choices, and those choices aren’t so smart?


I want a long and successful writing career, so I could place my hope in having a bestseller someday or at least in having a publisher who readily accepts my book proposals. But if those things don’t happen, I could easily question whether or not my season as a writer has ended.


I’ve given you four examples of how I might misplace my hope. What scenarios would apply to your life?


Life rarely turns out as we think it should. People fail us and circumstances change, but the Lord and His truths remain the same forever. That’s why putting our hope in Him alone stands all tests. He never changes, and He never disappoints.  Our future is secure in His hands.


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