Conntecting the Dots

This Song Will Forever Change Your Life


Yesterday I heard a song that literally stopped me in my tracks. I’ve listened to it many times since, and its lyrics grip my heart each time I hear them. If we, as believers in Christ, could truly live by them, we’ d forever bid fear and worry goodbye. We’ d reflect absolute peace, absolute calm, and absolute confidence in our Savior no matter how fierce the storm winds blow around us.

All is well, bird in hand. jpg

This song is Robin Marks’ “All is Well.” Copyright law forbids me from writing the lyrics here. Suffice it to say, the words remind us that God is sovereign. His purposes, though not always understood or appreciated, prevail. He holds us in His hands, and we are safe there. Truly, being kept by the One who loves us more than words can say enables us to rest and know that all is well.


Perhaps you’re facing a situation that seems overwhelming today. Maybe you’ve recently lost a loved one, and your grief feels unbearable. Maybe you’re facing an unknown future, the breakup of your marriage, or a job loss and financial insecurity. Perhaps you’re waiting on God to fulfill a promise He made a long time ago, and hope fades with each passing day.


Whatever situation you face, please allow God’s truth to embed itself in your heart. Satan would love to plant seeds of doubt about His presence and goodness, but refuse to entertain those thoughts. They’ll only reap a harvest of distrust. Filling your mind with Truth changes everything.


And so, today, I share this song with you. YouTube says it’s about eight minutes long. That might sound like a long time in the midst of your busy day, but believe me—those eight minutes will be well spent.


Blessings on you today, my friend. May Jesus fill you with hope and peace and joy.

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