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Help, God! I Need ——!

It’s nearly 11 AM, and I’m still wearing my housecoat. I know I need to get moving, but I’m having a hard time wondering which direction to move first.


Cardboard boxes fill each room and cry for my attention. So do the bathrooms that desperately need to be cleaned. And the floors that need to be washed. And the windows that need to be wiped. Which task should I tackle first?

I AM everything you need,jpg

Last week we painted and cleaned and packed belongings. On Friday afternoon I drove to Vancouver where I spoke at a women’s retreat four times over the weekend (when I accepted this speaking invitation last fall, only God knew it would fall on the same weekend as our transition to a different house). The moment I returned home, I began unpacking again, trying to get my house in order before we travel to Alberta to train our summer ministry volunteers.


I’m tired this morning. Not weary in spirit—all’s well with my soul. I’m rejoicing in the gift of this house—more space to practice hospitality and to establish this place as the official International Messengers Canada headquarters. I’m enjoying the job of unpacking boxes, getting rid of stuff I haven’t used for ages, and organizing closets and cupboards. But I’m tired. Today I need an extra dose of physical strength.


Yesterday my four-year-old grandson, Caleb, looked deep into my eyes and said with great earnest: “God is BIG! He made the whole earth, and He can do anything because He is so strong! Nobody’s stronger than He is!”


And so I pray, thanking the Lord that He is my helper and will give me everything I need for this hour, this day, this week. He is the great “I AM”—the One who always was and is and is to come (Exodus 3:14). He’s the One who knows no limitations, and I trust Him to supply my need for oomph.


This God—the One who is stronger than anyone, the great “I AM”—is everything I need today.


What do you need today? Wisdom? Patience? Provision? Compassion? Tough love? Whatever you need, “I AM” is and He will supply.



6 Responses to “Help, God! I Need ——!”

    • Marge Bennett

      Linda: Let’s trust God, the only One who can give us what we need. I was informed by one of our daughters this morning that I’m too abrupt and and lack understanding (which, in my mind, would be equivolant to lacking love and grace) and so I will agree with you and others who may pray, for wisdom, and love and grace. She is saying (and it’s true—–but I didn’t know what the problem was) that although I am entitled to an opinion, the way I deliver it leaves others feeling stomped on. I don’t want to be like that. Let’s agree in Jesus’ Name. Tonight I will be praying for all of you.

    • Grace Fox

      Thanks for your prayers–wow, I need an extra measure of them right now. “Father, please give Linda the wisdom, love, and grace she desires and needs right now, too. Give us more of You and all that You are, please. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

  1. Marge Bennett

    As you have said, “Wha-Hoo”!!!!! We can see carpet in our basement and empty shelves. I actually have empty boxes and some filled with give-aways……….found some stuff I can use which I haven’t seen in years

    Praying for YOU!!!!!!! God is faithful!!!!!!!! You are one busy lady

    • Grace Fox

      Yeah!!! When we moved eight years from a large home to our smaller townhouse, I had to downsize significantly. It felt so good to sort our stuff and either give it away or throw it away. Simplification is good.


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