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3 Keys to Overcoming Fear for Our Kids’ Well-Being

I routinely meet women who express fear for their family’s well-being. They don’t call it fear. They dub it something more spiritually acceptable such as “concern,” but it’s fear nonetheless. How do I know? Because I’ve been there, done that. And I continue to face it even though my kids are now adults.

3 Keys to Overcome Fear


Today, for instance, my youngest daughter will drive about 3 ½ hours on her motorcycle. Temperatures in her area are predicted to hit 40 (Celsius). For you Farenheit fans, that translates to about 104 degrees. That’s hot. But wearing protective motorcycle gear makes it dangerously so. The only option? Don’t wear the gear but risk losing your skin or worse if you take a tumble or slide. With that in mind, today finds fear knocking at the door of my heart.


Maybe you can relate:

  • Your little one will soon attend camp for the first time, and you’re afraid for her safety or that she’ll become homesick.
  • You share custody but not values with your ex-spouse, and the kids are going to spend several weeks there this summer.
  • Your teenager will start a new job shortly, and you’re afraid that he’ll not meet expectations.
  • Your high school graduate has set her sights on a university education but finances are short and summer jobs hard to find.
  • Your young adult has decided to travel abroad either alone or with a friend. Enough said.


Fear for our kids’ sake can so easily consume us. How, then, can we overcome it? Here are three keys that I’m using today:


  • Tell God how you feel.

It’s okay to admit we’re anxious about our kids’ circumstances. He already knows how we feel anyway, right? It’s not like this is news for Him, but He wants us to share our innermost thoughts with Him anyway because He values relationship with us. Let’s use our fears to drive us to Him and deepen our dependency on Him.


  • Fill your mind with God’s truth.

Scripture says that knowing the truth sets us free (John 8:32.). What is the truth? God loves our kids more than we do, and nothing touches them without passing through His filter first. If something bad happens, He is more than able to turn it into something good (Romans 8:28). Yes, that IS the truth. It’s also the truth that we see things from a finite, human perspective while God sees things from an eternal perspective. Therein lies a clash. Our emotions whisper doubts because we want to spare our kids whatever pain they might encounter, but we cannot allow emotions that fluctuate to rule over truth that remains constant no matter what.


  • Praise God for who He is.

Fear makes us focus on potential what-ifs. Faith asks us to focus on the even-ifs: “Even if the worst possible scenario happens, God is still on the throne. He still rules, and He will give the strength and grace needed to navigate the situation.” If God is who He says He is, then we, as His children, have every reason to walk in confidence knowing He is loving, powerful, and wise.


Maybe you’re not anxious about kids. Perhaps you’re worried about a niece, a nephew, or a cousin. Or maybe you’re afraid for a senior parent. These three keys apply to every situation, so take them and use them. And discover, with me, how it feels to walk in freedom from fear.


Know you are loved,



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