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What Does Integrity Look Like?

Canadian and American people will soon elect new leaders. One of the campaign tactics often used is negative media advertising that questions politicians’ integrity.

Psalm 26-1-3

It seems our society has a conscious awareness of integrity’s value. We want leaders who keep their promises, prove trustworthy with finances, treat all people fairly, and show themselves honest and reliable in all matters. And so, causing voters to doubt a potential leader’s integrity is a sure-fire way to lessen their chance of winning the election.


Integrity matters. Yes, it’s a character quality we wish for politicians, but it’s a quality the rest of us should strive to possess, too. We face daily opportunities to prove that we’re people who are honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Here are a few examples of what it looks like:


  • We promise to do a task or run an errand for someone, and we follow through.
  • We promise to pray for someone, and we actually do it.
  • We pay our bills on time.
  • We refuse to talk negatively about people behind their backs.
  • We honor our marriage vows.
  • We fulfill promises we make to our kids about spending time with them “later.”
  • We’re honest in our work re: logging hours.
  • We’re honest in our claims about work experience and credentials.
  • We don’t exaggerate facts to impress others.


Goodness, this list could go on and on. No doubt other ideas popped into your head as you read it.


Integrity matters because God values it. He’s trustworthy in all things, therefore we need to imitate Him.


“Declare me innocent, O LORD, for I have acted with integrity; I have trusted in the LORD without wavering,” wrote David. “Put me on trial, LORD, and cross-examine me. Test my motives and my heart. For I am always aware of your unfailing love, and I have lived according to your truth” (Psalm 26:1-3 NLT).


If we were to incorporate David’s prayer into our own lives and invite God to test our motives and heart, what would He find? Would He declare us to be people of integrity? I truly hope so. The world needs men and women whose lives are spiritual salt and light. Let’s be those people.



4 Responses to “What Does Integrity Look Like?”

  1. Marge Bennett

    Grace: I am impressed by this, but moreso….inspired. This is a gift sent my way today. It’s good to be reminded of these good things and to check our hearts and seek God, allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal things to us and to change us. It is also good to stay in the Word of God’s Truth and let it settle and dwell within us to do its work.
    I am thankful for this inspiring message today.
    Yes, we pray this also for all candidates in this hour and the coming days.

    • Grace Fox

      Someone once said that who we are when no one’s watching is what integrity is all about. I love that! What a great definition. May we all live so that we’re the same whether anyone’s watching or not.

  2. Yvette A

    I feel so inspired now that I have finished reading this. I like that this reminded me of the good things that still exist on this world today, and how we can be truthful to others. Thank you so much!


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