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What Following Jesus Has Cost Me, and How I Choose to Respond


“Following Jesus comes with a cost.”


I’ll bet reading those words didn’t trigger joy in your heart. Perhaps they left you thinking Wow, that’s a downer. Maybe they filled you with a sense of dread or fear.


We don’t like to think about our faith journey requiring sacrifice. We’d rather think about how it can benefit us: forgiveness of sin, answers to prayer, eternal life and such. But the truth is—following Jesus comes with a cost.

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Simon and Andrew were fishing when Jesus saw them and said, “Come, follow Me.” They immediately left their nets and followed Christ (Matthew 4:18-20).


James and John were sitting in their fishing boats, mending their nets with their father when Jesus called to them. “They immediately followed him, leaving the boat and their father behind” (Matthew 4:21-22).


For these men, following Jesus meant sacrificing their livelihood (sense of security) and family togetherness. In the latter case, leaving Dad behind may have resulted in misunderstanding. Maybe Dad felt as though his sons had abandoned him in lieu of a religious fanatic.


In 1996, Jesus said, “Follow Me.” For me and my husband, this meant leaving our livelihood (my husband was a civil engineer then), our four-year-old custom-built waterfront home, and our kids’ schools. We put our house on the market, packed our belongings in a U-Haul truck, and followed Him to a Christian camp on a little island off British Columbia’s coast. There we worked without a salary or benefits for 11 years. We invested summers into the lives of our campers, and that meant foregoing vacations with our kids.


In 2007, Jesus said, “Follow Me.” This time it meant leaving the camp and moving to our present location to open the Canadian office for International Messengers. Doing so has meant making sacrifices. Perhaps the most costly has been losing both my father and my father-in-law while we were ministering overseas. Ministry obligations made it impossible for me to attend my father’s funeral, and that’s something I can never redo or regain.


Yes, following Jesus comes with a cost. But I don’t write from my personal experience to flaunt anything. Rather, I share my story to say that, while sacrifice isn’t easy, it’s the least we can do for Jesus and building His kingdom on earth. After all, didn’t He sacrifice His life on our behalf? How then can we withhold anything from Him who gave so much for us?


It’s in our willingness to sacrifice for Christ’s sake that we find joy. The seed must fall into the ground and die to bring forth life and a harvest.


I look forward to 2016 and opportunities for spiritual growth. At the same time, I can already see where following Christ will require sacrifices. For instance, it looks like I’ll spend at least one-fourth of this year overseas, and that means time with my kids and grandkids will be severely limited. Will I follow Him hesitantly as a result? Or will I get up and go willingly, in response for what His love for me cost Him?


In what ways might following Jesus exact a sacrifice from you in 2016? Are you willing to make that sacrifice? Are you willing to make it joyfully?


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6 Responses to “What Following Jesus Has Cost Me, and How I Choose to Respond”

  1. Lisa Brown

    Your words encourage me to dig deeper into God’s word and be in relationship. It’ tempting to do the safe thing in life. I don’t want to be known as a person who played it safe. I want to sincerely give. I keep hearing God say draw near to me.

    • Desiree Taylor

      I love that Lisa! I can be a play it safe girl and God continually is drawing me out of my comfort zone. May I always be willing to go where He goes and do what He asks me to do even when it doesn’t feel safe.

      • Grace Fox

        I like to think about the biblical characters like Moses, Noah, Gideon, Paul, Esther, Mary, and more. None played it safe. They were willing to take God-appointed risks and wow–look at how God used them to accomplish great things!

  2. Desiree Taylor

    This is so important to hear. It is that part of following Christ that no one wants to talk about. Thank you for this reminder. It is a true joy to serve the Lord and it does require a dying of our flesh and an obedience that requires sacrifice. Thank You!

    • Grace Fox

      Hi Desiree (beautiful name!). I agree — who wants to hear about what following Jesus might cost? But unless that seed falls into the ground and dies, it will never produce fruit. The joy we receive when we obey and give up our own perceived rights is so worth the cost.

  3. Grace

    Hi Lisa. Good for you–for not wanting to play it safe. Doing so only results in a jellyfish faith. We grow and stretch when we say yes to God taking us from our comfort zone into places where we’re forced to fully rely on Him. Scary–yes. But oh so rich!


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