Conntecting the Dots

Psalm 118-14 - 2


Life’s been a bit crazy for the past eight days. I traveled to Texas on January 7th where I hunkered down for a wellness retreat in a facility without wi-fi access. Yesterday I flew to Minneapolis and then drove two hours into Iowa where I’m now at our ministry’s USA headquarters–working my way through my email inbox.


Rather than post a devotional blog today, I’ll post this scripture that reminds us where our strength and hope lies. Know that I’m thinking of you, my friends, and praying that you’ll have a good weekend.


Know you are loved,


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  1. Marge Bennett

    Greetings: We are resting this weekend; enjoying Tea together and making scones. Later tonight we will do a general clean up and then talk together.
    We have a cold warning in effect and it’s -46C with the wind chill factor.
    Later on this evening we will have our Bible Study, and anyone can sing or play music.
    Blessings to you, Grace.


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