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Need Wisdom or Direction? Here’s a Prayer For You

Every day—many times a day—I’m faced with decisions. Some are relatively minor, but others can literally change the direction of my life. I’ll bet you can relate. Here are some typical examples of decisions you and I face on a regular basis.


  • We’re happy with our life as it is, thank you. But then the Holy Spirit shakes us up through a pastor’s sermon or a Bible verse or a song. We sense Him asking us to do something that’s downright scary and sacrificial. Something far beyond our comfort zone. The fear of inadequacy hovers like a dark cloud. What to do?
  • We’re unhappy with our life as it is. Something needs to change, but we’re not sure what. Or maybe we know exactly what needs to change but we’re not sure how to go about it. What to do?
  • We struggle with financial issues. The downturned economy coupled with rising food prices has impacted our family and we don’t know how to pay this month’s bills. What to do?
  • We wrestle with health concerns. Maybe medical doctors haven’t been able to make a diagnosis. Or maybe nothing they recommend is helping. The suffering is becoming unbearable. What to do?
  • Our workload is too much. We took on yet another task that probably wasn’t ours to assume, and now we wish we’d said no. What to do?
  • A prodigal child wanders further from home and deeper into trouble. We’re torn between wanting to rescue him and practicing tough love. What to do?
  • A friend or family member displays hurtful attitudes and behaviors. We waffle between speaking the truth in love (we’d never admit that we feel like giving him a verbal tongue-lashing!) and keeping our mouth shut and trusting God to work in his life in His way/timing. What to do?

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No matter our situation or the decisions we face, God promises to guide us and give us wisdom. With that in mind, here’s a prayer you might find helpful. It’s based on Psalm 25:4-5.


“Father, I need Your guidance and wisdom for ___________________ (fill in the blank with your particulars). Show me the path where I should walk. Point out the right road for me to follow. Lead me by Your truth and teach me. You are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in You.”


The majority of my day will be spent preparing material for upcoming speaking engagements. As I study and ponder and write, I’m making this my prayer. And I look forward to seeing how God will answer.


How can you incorporate this prayer into your life?


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3 Responses to “Need Wisdom or Direction? Here’s a Prayer For You”

  1. Marge Bennett

    If God be for us; who can be against us?

    The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; Mighty to Save.

    Who is like thee O God. There is none like You.

    This is the path of Victory in Jesus. He has given us love, peace, and a sound mind. He is Lord.

  2. Marge Bennett

    or…………..Love, Power, and a Sound mind. But often, Peace is Power.


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