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How to Enjoy a Deeper Relationship With Jesus – (Part 1 of 3)


I spent the weekend in beautiful Kelowna, BC where Trinity Baptist Church hosted the one-day women’s conference “RADIANT: Creating a Deeper Life.” What a joy to meet and mingle with about 160 women, and to encourage them to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

deep and intimate

I love the fact that a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus is available to everyone who wants it. He made the way for it to be possible (John 3:16), and our role is to respond.


My relationship with Jesus has grown delightfully deeper over the recent past. There are several reasons for that—participating in a weekly Bible study with a half dozen other women, memorizing the Word, and keeping short accounts when it comes to sin in my life. But one of the most significant contributing factors is ongoing conversation with Jesus.


Before I begin writing or preparing material for upcoming speaking engagements, I invite Him to fill my mind with His thoughts and creativity. Before I make a phone call, I ask Him to direct the conversation. When I exercise, I thank Him for a healthy body, and I pray for the physical needs of family and friends who are ill. When I drive, I talk with Him about those things that cause me concern or heartache. And always I thank Him for His love and presence with me.


My conversation with Jesus is as natural to me as breathing. It’s constant, and it’s life-giving. It keeps me mindful that He’s with me at all times and in all places, fully aware of every challenge and concern I face and fully able to address them.


It hasn’t always been this way. For decades, I allowed my mind to wander, and wander it did–usually into negative and fear-filled places. I’ve had to learn to train my mind, to recall my thoughts from heading the wrong direction, and to replace them with thoughts about Jesus. Engaging in ongoing conversation (sometimes in my thoughts, sometimes aloud) with Him has proven to be the key to staying on track.


A deep and intimate relationship with Jesus is available to everyone who wants it. What works for me might not work for you at this point in your spiritual journey. Then again, maybe it’s exactly what you need.


What practical things do you do in response to Christ’s invitation to relationship with Him?


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