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Hope for Those Facing Giants Today

I woke today facing a giant.


After being overseas for two weeks with both a limited internet access and a desire to be fully present with the people there, I’ve returned to a workload that looms large over me. Where do I even begin? It would be easy for discouragement to overtake me and cast a shadow of negative thinking across my efforts in my office today.


On the other hand, an inner voice whispers, “Walk in the truth.” And what is that truth? It’s the promise Joshua received when God gave him his work assignment:


“No one will be able to stand against you as long as you live. For I will be with you as I was with Moses. I will not fail you or abandon you” (Joshua 1:9 NLT).

Joshua 1-9

When I focus on the giant of my workload, I become fearful and weary. But when I shift my focus to the One who’s called me to this work, I discover inner strength. Discouragement and fear take flight. They’re replaced by a sense of anticipation, a spirit of expectancy that looks forward to seeing how God will accomplish what needs to be done for His Kingdom-building purposes.


God was with Moses. He was with Joshua too. And He’s with me today, in my office, at my desk. I choose to walk in that truth, and that truth fills me with hope and strength to persevere.


Be encouraged, my friend. God is with you today, too, as you face your giant. Maybe it’s a health issue. Maybe it’s depression, or a broken relationship, or a difficult coworker or family member. Maybe it’s a financial setback, or relocating your family, or yearning for your prodigal child to come home.


Giants loom large. But God is bigger. And His presence conquers all, yes? Walk in this truth, my friend. And have a joy-filled, incredible day!


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4 Responses to “Hope for Those Facing Giants Today”

  1. Marge Bennett

    Yes, Come, Let us Magnify the Lord together………….He is truly bigger than all the problems……………but, alas, those nasty worries can creep in.
    Things can sometimes seem impossible. Although we know that that is not true in Jesus Christ, some days a thing can look that way. But He is Lord….
    over All!
    Come, let us magnify the lord together……..magnify his Holy Name.
    Praise the Lord who gives us strength!
    Love the beautiful scripture picture today…..beautiful flowers!!!!!

    • Grace Fox

      Yes, He is bigger and He is our strength. Where would we be without Him? Weary and unfocused, I suspect. I’m glad you like the flowers!

  2. Laura Christianson


    Thanks for these words. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately, too. Seeking inner strength and God’s direction on my workday this afternoon!

    Do you design your own graphics? They’re always so pretty and inspiring.

    • Grace Fox

      I’m glad you found this blog helpful, Laura. I’m so thankful for God’s strength. And for His wisdom that helps me determine what task to tackle and when. Sounds like you can relate!

      Re: the graphics. Yes, usually I do my own. I mostly use Graphic Stock and pic monkey.


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