Conntecting the Dots

Need Help? Here’s the Source

Do you have a particular Bible verse that comes to mind often and easily?


Mine is Psalm 121:1-2—“I I look up to the mountains—does my help come from there? My help comes from the LORD, who made the heavens and the earth!”

Psalm 121-1-2

Living in southwestern British Columbia gives me opportunity to see mountains every day. Their majestic presence always, always brings me hope. Whether I’m physically weary or emotionally worn, one glimpse at their towering peaks renews my resolve to persevere.


The Rockies stand ancient but ageless, undaunted by the forces of nature. Their beauty and strength leave me in awe, but they do something else, something much more important for me—they turn my thoughts to the One who spoke their existence into being. And when my thoughts focus on Him—Almighty God, brilliant Maker of heaven and earth—I’m refreshed and empowered.


God created those mountains from nothing and has caused them to stand immovable through thousands of years. He can most certainly, then, give me the strength I need to stick to my exercise routine. He can help me obey His command to give thanks in every situation even though I wish things were different. He can enable me to forgive the woman whose behavior has baffled and wounded me.


The mountains are pretty amazing, but the One who made them is moreso. And He’s the One who helps us do life. He’s our infinite and trustworthy source of everything we need in our weakness and lack. He holds us. He carries us. He shelters, protects, and provides for us. In His wisdom and might, we’re more than conquerors.


Meditate on this truth with me today, my good friend. May it fill you with hope and peace and joy and all things good.


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