Conntecting the Dots

How God’s Listening Skills Differ From Ours

Listening well is a skill. How easy it is, when in the middle of a conversation, to allow our focus to be drawn other places. Know what I mean?


Our cell phone rings or beeps a text message. We can’t ignore it. After all, it might be an emergency!


Our mental to-do list grows: email so-and so, buy a birthday gift for that someone special, pay the Visa bill.


Our worries about a personal issue we thought we’d settled long ago rear their head. Again.


Rather than give undivided attention to the person with whom we’re engaged, we listen half-heartedly. And we hope they don’t notice.


Aren’t you glad God’s listening skills far surpass ours? Imagine—He carries mega concerns on His shoulders but He’s never too busy or preoccupied to give us His undivided attention. “In my desperation I prayed, and the LORD listened; he saved me from all my troubles,” says Psalm 34:6.

Psalm 34-6

We pray and He listens, fully engaged. He never puts us on hold while He takes another person’s request. He never mutes us. He never asks us to contact Him at a more convenient time. He’s ready to listen the moment He hears our voice. Knowing this ought to fill us with confidence to approach Him at any time with any matter than concerns us.


What’s on your mind today, my friend? What’s causing you concern? Tell the Lord all about it. Imagine Him stooping to listen, looking you square in the eye, and giving you His complete focus.


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