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Why Our Physical Health Matters

An article I wrote for “Pastor Resources” has appeared online today. I’m posting it here because it chronicles my health journey and the lessons I’m learning through it.

I’ve literally experienced a metamorphosis health-wise in the past 18 months by losing 52 pounds (and counting). I feel better than I’ve felt in years and I have a new-found freedom in many areas of my life.

Take a moment to read it, okay? Our health is a gift to be cherished.

Please feel free to leave a comment too. I value your thoughts.

Why Our Physical Health Matters in Ministry

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  1. Marge Bennett

    God is speaking to me on this very thing. I am convicted now if I reach for an extra cookie. I find out I don’t need it–it’s a habit. I found that I can give more to others when I give up something. Then I am filled, and fulfilled.
    We have begun walking each morning and doing simple stretch exercises each morning. Even this much has made a difference, and we’ve just gotten started.
    I found I can do without having everything I want to eat in a day because I can—–because it’s available, so now, I do not even purchase certain items until we all have a day where we have a special dessert and that’s the end of it for that month. It’s so important to take an interest in others.
    And it’s important to give your praises and thankfulness to God first, as scripture says to do, and then practice self-control in your day. Soon you find that you are busy with the right things, and not gaining wrongful weight. Water(and Living Water)are always highly important. Thank you for your article on physical health today, Grace. I’m thankful for your submission to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

  2. Grace Fox

    Hi Marge. I’m finding that, as I trust God for victory and focus on His person rather than my cravings, victory is coming more easily than in the past. It helps to schedule exercise into my day just as I schedule work or appointments, too. I really feel like He’s honouring my efforts to honor my body as His temple. It sounds like you’re on a similar journey. Good for you about walking and stretching. Do strength training exercises too — latest research shows that when we do strength training regularly, we actually benefit more than if we focus on cardio vascular exercises. One benefit is increased core strength, and that helps our balance as we get older (less prone to falls and broken bones). It also increases our bone density so less osteoporosis.


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