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My Christmas Gift to Jesus

The Christmas gifts are wrapped and ready. Some are in boxes, others tucked in bags. One’s in a giant bag that stands more than three feet high. Each one is an item that reflects my love for the recipient and that he/she will find meaningful.


I think about the three wise men and their gifts for Jesus. No doubt they carefully chose items fit for a king. Imagine them arriving at His home and presenting Him with gold, frankincense, and myrrh—presents that were meaningful and reflected their love for the Messiah.


This Christmas I’ve thought about what gift I can give to Jesus. What might He find meaningful? And what can I give Him that reflects my love for Him? The answer, I believe, is a joyfully obedient heart. “If you love me, obey my commandments,” He said (John 14:15). That’s what I intend to do.


Here are a few examples of situations in which I can practice joyful obedience as a gift to my Lord:

  • extending forgiveness when someone hurts me
  • offering financial and material generosity to those in need
  • giving thanks even when I don’t feel like it
  • caring for my body as God’s temple
  • making time spent with Him my top priority


Gene and I will spend several hours traveling on Christmas Eve. Before we leave, I’ll rise early to spend unrushed time with Jesus. I’ll offer Him the gift of a joyfully obedient heart—not just for Christmas but for 365 days each year.


How about you? What present will you give Jesus this Christmas?


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