Conntecting the Dots

Two Batches of Buns and the Holy Spirit


This week I thought I’d bake rolls as a homespun gift for my sister. I followed the recipe exactly, or so I thought. Imagine my dismay when the buns refused to rise. I baked them anyway, secretly hoping something magic might happen in the oven, but alas, my hopes were dashed. They turned out like rocks. And so I tried again.


Water, sugar, salt, flour, powdered milk….and YEAST! This time I made doubly sure to remember the rising agent. The result? The buns were nicely browned and the perfect consistency. Their aroma wafted through the house, making it feel warm and welcoming on that frigid winter day.

It's easy to see which one has yeast power!

It’s easy to see which one has yeast power!

Seeing the two batches of buns side by side made me think of the Christian life. As believers, we might read our Bible, attend church, tithe, and even teach Sunday school or Bible studies. That’s all okay and good, but sometimes we do these activities in our own strength and smarts, apart from the Holy Spirit’s power. We work hard but see few results, and we grow weary and perhaps resentful.


Now imagine what happens when we invite God’s Spirit to fill and control us and everything we do! His presence and power change everything. He infuses us with His vision, breathes energy into us as we pursue His kingdom, and brings eternal results for our efforts. I’m not saying everything becomes easy-peasy; I am saying they become supernaturally empowered. The Spirit works in and through us in ways that leave us in awe.


For me, seeing these two batches of buns side by side and realizing the parallel between them and the Christian life has spurred me on to desire the Spirit’s presence and power in everything I do throughout the new year (and beyond). That means relying on His power to…

  • finish writing my new book and Bible study.
  • lead my weekly virtual First Place 4 Health group with excellence.
  • pass my coaching certification test and then coach clients with excellence so they can “move from where they are to where they want to be.”
  • continue being faithful in exercise and eating habits.
  • support my husband in his leadership role with International Messengers Canada.


Those are just a few things that come to mind. I could do them all in my own strength or in the power of the Holy Spirit. I choose the latter, for that’s the only way they’ll achieve the lasting results God desires.


How about you? For what would you like the Holy Spirit’s empowerment this year?



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