Conntecting the Dots

Prayer for America on Inauguration Day


“Heavenly Father, You are sovereign and mighty. You are wise and unchanging. Faithful You have been, and faithful You will remain despite the winds of change that have swept through America.


“Today a new leadership has been established in the United States. Your Word says that You ordain authorities and rulers, so we trust Your choice (Romans 13:1). We also trust Your ability to accomplish Your purposes through the men and women assuming their new roles.


“Guard their hearts and keep their motives pure. Grant them humility. Give them wisdom beyond human understanding. May they realize their limitations and look for Your guidance in every decision they make. Have mercy on them as they fulfill the work You’ve assigned them. Give them strength to do their job, refreshment when they’re weary, and protection from evil.


“Holy God, You have told us to pray for all those in authority (1 Timothy 2:2). So give us hearts to obey this command whether or not we agree with the decisions they make. Remind us of our responsibility to uphold them, and keep us from critical spirits.


“We’re grateful for America, but ultimately Yours, O God, is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Make Your name great in America. Exalt Yourself and teach us to walk in Your ways. We ask this for Your name’s sake. Amen.”


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