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In a Safe Place


My family owned three pets for a short stretch during my childhood: a budgie, a black Siamese cat, and a Heinz-57 dog. The dog and cat pretty much ignored each other, but the cat and the bird—that was a different story. We kept constant vigil on the bird cage, shooing the feline away whenever he showed too much interest in our feathered friend.


We moved into a teeny tiny house when I was in fourth grade. The only place for the bird cage was atop the fridge. We mistakenly believed it was safe there, beyond the cat’s reach.


I still remember the afternoon we returned from running errands to find the cat sitting beside the cage, staring at the bird that was, by now, lying lifeless on the cage floor. The enemy had outsmarted us and literally scared the poor thing to death.


How opposite from the word picture described in Psalm 27:1,5: “Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not be afraid. Even if I am attacked, I will remain confident…He will hide me in his sanctuary. He will place me out of reach on a high rock” (vv. 1,5).

When I read these words, I envision myself perched invincibly in a high tower. The enemies of fear, doubt, and despair surround its base. They scramble and claw below, trying their best to reach and destroy me. But their efforts are futile because God has sheltered me in a protected place. I’m safe and secure and confident in His care.


What mental picture comes to your mind when you read these verses?


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2 Responses to “In a Safe Place”

  1. Debbie Norred

    Grace, it is so interesting and like God to have you post this today about the death of your bird. A brown beautiful pelican came to our backyard to find refuge today and took his last breathe here. I stroked him and loved on him and told him he was loved by God and by us. I played some soothing music for him in the yard as I kneeled next to him. He seemed at peace and then he breathed has last breathe. Mike, my husband dug a grave for him and then we covered it with pine straw and I made a wooden cross from sticks and my husband brought some camellia’s to lay on “Mr. Brown’s” grave. We felt blessed that God trusted us with one of his creatures in need. Rest In Peace “Mr. Brown”?
    I am in the process of memorizing Psalm 27 this year so that verse meant so much to me today. Love you!

  2. Grace Fox

    Oh, Debbie. What a unique experience! Thank you for showing kindness to one of God’s creatures. Know you are loved.


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