Conntecting the Dots

Why Doing Life God’s Way is Like A Box of Chocolates

Applying God’s laws seems a no-brainer when they make sense to us and we understand how they work in our favor. We’re less enthusiastic when they stifle or convict us.


As though sifting through a box of chocolates, we pick the divine laws we like best and leave the rest. Human nature, yes?

Which one will you choose?

A host of biblical characters including Eve, David, Moses, and Abraham behaved this way. For the most part, they aligned their lives with divine law. But when God’s commands didn’t cater to their desires (ie: David sleeping with Bathsheba and then arranging for her husband’s murder), they chose their own way. They nibbled a chocolate and then chose to put it back in the box. “That one doesn’t taste good to me.”  That didn’t work out so well for them. Neither does it work well for us.


Granted, I doubt that anyone reading this blog will totally identify with David’s crime of passion so let’s make it more practical. What about God’s command to control the tongue? Or to forgive and pray for our enemies? Or to give thanks in every circumstance?


Here’s another one: James 1:2-4 tells us to let trouble be an opportunity for joy because it gives our endurance a chance to grow. When we let our endurance develop fully, then we’ll be strong in character and ready for anything.


We might prefer to skim over the command to rejoice when we face tough stuff, but doing so isn’t in our best interest. However, embracing it and applying it to our lives is beneficial to us, and so I’m asking the Lord to help me be intentional about rejoicing no matter what happens. That doesn’t suggest I’m thrilled about difficult circumstances when they come, but it means I’m trusting God’s sovereignty and wisdom.


Psalm 37:31 says, “They [the godly] have made God’s law their own, so they will never slip from his path.” Embracing God’s laws as our way of life—even when we don’t feel like it—guarantees His blessing. As a result,  we don’t ignore or taste-test and replace the ones we don’t like. It means we savor each one as a sweet reminder of God’s love for us.


Which one of God’s commands are you choosing to embrace despite your emotions tugging you the opposite direction at this time?


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