Conntecting the Dots

Three Little Words


Lord, I praise You because You can do the impossible.


Pharaoh experienced disturbing dreams one night. His wise men couldn’t interpret their meaning, so he asked Joseph to explain. Joseph said, “I cannot do it but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires” (Genesis 41:16).

Joseph could have said, “You want me to do what? Sorry, I cannot do that.” Period. Thankfully he didn’t stop there.

He acknowledged his powerlessness and then proceeded to trust God for the words to say. Three little words spoken in faith—“but God will”—moved him from prison to palace.

I can't but God will

The words but God will contain the same life-changing power today:

  • “I cannot forgive so-and-so for hurting me, but God will give me the grace I need.”
  • “I cannot give thanks in my circumstances, but God will enable me to do what He commands.”
  • “I cannot face an unknown future, but God will give me the strength I need.”


Three little words—but God will. Speak them in faith when you face an impossibility, and they can change your life.


Take Action:

Fill in the blank: “It’s beyond my power to _______________.” Now add, “But God will do it.”


Excerpt from Morning Moments With God: Devotions for the Busy Woman. Published by Harvest House 2014.

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