Conntecting the Dots

How to Have Confidence for Whatever This Week Holds

It’s Monday—the start of a new week. I wonder what it holds for you and me.


Depending on your life season, you might be feeling overwhelmed with graduation festivities, or weddings, or year-end baseball games and dance recitals and the like. Perhaps you’re in the throes of planning a summer vacation or raising funds for a mission trip. Or maybe you’re feeling more than a tad stressed with work demands, caring for a senior parent, or trying to hold a difficult marriage together.


Personally, I’m feverishly writing the first two weeks of a Bible study for a ministry in the USA. When done, I’ll send it to a committee that will either accept it, reject it, or offer suggestions for tweaking it. If the former, I’ll tell you all about it in future blogs!


If you’re beginning your week feeling swamped, you might be tempted to forego your quiet time with the Lord. The enemy will whisper, “You’re so busy with other things right now—you don’t have time to read the Bible or pray.” Guess what will happen if you listen to those whispers? Your stress will only increase. Been there, done that.


I encourage you to keep your quiet time with the Lord as first priority. He’ll honor you for doing so. His presence will be real and sweet, and He’ll bless you with the strength you need.

When my workload stresses me, I respond by filling my mind with God’s Word. Here’s a passage that’s blessing me today. It reminds me that the One who created the universe holds me in His hands. He’s infinite, therefore the supply of all I need for this day is infinite too.


“Listen to me, O family of Jacob, Israel my chosen one! I alone am God, the First and the Last. It was my hand that laid the foundations of the earth. The palm of my right hand spread out the heavens above. I spoke, and they came into being” (Isaiah 48:12,13 NLT).

No matter what you face this week, remember this: There’s no need to fear. God, who created the universe and holds it in His hand is the One who holds you. He’s got it covered. All is well.


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