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Can We Count on God?


“I am counting on the Lord; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word” (psalm 130:5).


What does it mean to count on someone? It means we place our trust in him. We have confidence that he will help us.


On Wednesday morning I counted on a particular friend to show up at our place at 7:30 AM. Gene and I needed a ride to the Vancouver airport, and we trusted him to fulfill his promise to drive us there. He showed up early, and he dropped us off at YVR in plenty of time to catch our flight.


I counted on pilots to fly us safely to Frankfurt and Berlin. They fulfilled my expectations and provided a boring flight. Boring is good on airplanes!


Today our team is preparing to receive about 100 campers. I’m counting on them to use their giftedness to make the program a success and to demonstrate Christ’s love to the campers. I have full confidence that they’ll exceed my expectations.


I’m so thankful for trustworthy people, for those who do what they say they’ll do. Not everyone’s like that. I’ve known people to shirk responsibility, pursue their own interests at others’ expense, and make promises they never intend to keep. They leave others in a lurch, hurt, disappointed, or frustrated.


But God never shirks His responsibility toward us. Neither does He make promises He doesn’t intend to keep. He is completely trustworthy. What He says He’ll do, He will do. We can put our hope and trust in His word. Here are a few things for which we can count on Him:

  • He forgives us when we confess our sins
  • He’ll never abandon us
  • He offers a fresh resource of faithfulness every morning
  • He gives us wisdom when we ask for it
  • He provides for our physical needs
  • He comforts us when we grieve
  • He honors us when we walk humbly before Him
  • He fills and controls us with His Holy Spirit
  • He’ll send Jesus back someday


What other things can you identify?


“Heavenly Father, we praise You because You are completely trustworthy. We’re counting on You to give us wisdom for today, to provide for our needs, and to protect us from the evil one. We’re counting on You to direct our steps and our conversations. We’re putting our hope in Your word because You are faithful. Amen.”


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  1. May Molnar

    what a blessing to read these words this morning….thank you!


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