Conntecting the Dots

Making Choices That Bring a Smile to God’s Face


Alicia Britt Chole, author of Pure Joy writes, “Today, many agree on what is absolutely evil and absolutely good. But in a world of ever-expanding shades of gray, we can lose confidence in our ability to distinguish where light ends and darkness begins.

“Yet God always sees clearly. When faced with a specific decision, let us first look to His Word and ask a simple question: Can I picture God smiling over this choice?”

This question is simple but profound. It’s worked well for me on my lifestyle change over the past two years—especially when I’m tempted to eat too much or snack on unhealthy foods.

I see my body as the Holy Spirit’s temple, and I’m its caretaker. Therefore, when I’m tempted to stuff it with junk food, I ask myself, “Can I picture God smiling over this choice?” It always gives me the strength needed to say no to that temptation.

The same question works when we’re debating whether or not to watch a particular movie, buy a specific garment of clothing, enter a relationship with a particular man, or speak words that we think need to be said to someone.

“Can I picture God smiling over this choice?” is a question we can ask ourselves when we allow negative thoughts about another person to linger in our minds. Or when we shrink back from a God-given assignment because fear grips us. Or when we choose to harbor unforgiveness toward someone who’s hurt us.

The concept of living a life that brings a smile to God’s face has been on my mind for several months. My daily prayer has become, “Father, help me live this day in a way that brings You pleasure.”

Asking this simple but profound question is one way to ensure this prayer is answered affirmatively.


TAKE ACTION: Identify one situation in your life to which you can apply this question. If your choice will bring a smile to God’s face, that’s great! If not, then what needs to change?



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