Conntecting the Dots

Someone’s Watching!

From my office window, I see a hanging basket. A blue jay landed on it a few days ago. I could tell that the bird held something in its beak. Out of curiousity, I watched to see what it would do.


The jay cocked its head several times from side to side. To me, it appeared to be considering the basket as a possible hiding place for its treasure. Several seconds passed, and then it looked around as though checking to see if anyone was watching. Sneaky, sneaky!


Sure enough, the jay lodged its beak’s contents in the basket. Deed done, it flew away to roost in a nearby tree.


I couldn’t help but think about times I’ve behaved like the blue jay when thinking no one’s watching:

  • I’ve gorged on chips or chocolate when feeling lonely or struggling with writers’ block.
  • I’ve muttered under my breath and rolled my eyes in frustration over a difficult relationship.
  • I’ve spent money totally on impulse, on clothes or jewelry completely unnecessary but pretty.


Yup, I think I’m successful at being sneaky, but then I read Ecclesiastes 12:14 and my cover’s blown: “God will judge us for everything we do, including every secret thing, whether good or bad.”


We might think we can hide our dastardly deeds. We might think we can be sneaky about bad choices and get away with it. We might think no one’s watching, but that’s not so. God sees every secret thing we do, whether good or bad.


We might be successful at concealing secret behaviors from people, but we’ll never hide them from the Lord. How easily we forget this truth. When we’re tempted to do something we shouldn’t, may He prick our conscience and remind us that Someone’s watching. May we be quick to respond and change our intended behavior not because we’re afraid of His heavy hand, but because we don’t want to grieve the One who loves us and is watching over our soul.


“Father God, help us remember that You see everything we do. You know every thought and every motive even though they’re hidden from people’s sight. Grant us pure hearts, hearts filled with love and adoration for who You are so we’ll behave in a manner that makes You smile at all times. Amen.”


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