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Jesus is My Shepherd – What Difference Does That Make?

I basked in July’s sunshine, enjoying a cup of coffee as I read my Bible. It was my fiftieth birthday, and I wanted to celebrate in God’s sweet presence.


“Father, would You please give me a special verse that will carry me through the next 50 years?” I asked. Psalm 23:1 immediately came to mind—“The LORD is my shepherd. I have everything I need” (NLT).


Simple but profound, yes?


Indeed, Jesus is a shepherd to those who follow Him. “I am the good shepherd,” He declared to His disciples (John 10:11). And then He said it again to ensure they heard not only with their ears but also with their hearts. “I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me…” (john 10:14).


Jesus is my shepherd. I meditate on this truth whenever financial insecurity or ministry responsibilities feel overwhelming. I call it to mind when I need energy for the tasks ahead or wisdom for a problem that leaves me confounded. I am His sheep; my well-being is His responsibility. He holds me. What more do I need?


Jesus is my shepherd. These four words bring calm to my chaos, like now as I continue downsizing while writing the Bible study under deadline. I will trust Him and not be afraid.


Jesus is my shepherd. How do these words speak to you today?


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