Conntecting the Dots

Becoming Unoffendable



When someone hurts us, our tendency maybe to withdraw from the relationship. While this might be necessary in some circumstances, plain ol’ pride often prompts us to walk away.


If we don’t withdraw, we might lash out in self-defense, saying or doing something we later regret. Again, pride’s the culprit.


Perhaps we need to develop a thicker skin. A hurtful word or action can only pierce us if we let it.


Maybe we need to develop an attitude of grace—learn to see the offender through Jesus’s eyes and make allowances for her behavior.


Perhaps we need to live unoffendable. We refuse to pick up anger and unforgiveness because we value joy, peace, and inner freedom more than clinging to our perceived rights.


I suspect relationships would be less complicated if we could learn to overlook wrongs. What do you think?


Father God, teach me to be unoffendable. No matter how someone hurts me, I want to respond in a way that makes You smile. Amen.


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