Conntecting the Dots

You Can Scale Any Wall


My daughter and son-in-law enjoy climbing rock walls—like those found in God’s great outdoors, not in a rec facility. I’ve watched them, awed by their strength and teamwork.


Sometimes life’s journey presents us with walls that must be climbed—a relationship, health, or money issue; a God-given task that seems insurmountable; a heavy workload; a relocation; grief over a loss.


We might feel weak or inexperienced. We might lack necessary resources for the climb. We stand at the base, overwhelmed by the wall’s shadow.


Remember this—we don’t climb alone. God partners with us. His strength fills us. He enables us to find firm footing one step at a time until we reach the top.


What wall are you facing today? How does Psalm 18:29 apply to your climb?


“God, please give me strength to scale the wall I face today. I trust You to help me climb. Amen.”


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