Conntecting the Dots

What Does Our Face Say?

Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy;

no shadow of shame will darken their faces. (Psalm 34:5 NLT)


I was deep in thought while walking in a local park when a stranger approached from the front.  “Smile! Life’s not half as bad as you think it is,” he said. I don’t remember what my thoughts were at the time, but I do remember his words shocking me. I had no idea that my expression resembled a sour lemon. 


The stranger’s words remain with me today, and for good reason. They remind me that our faces convey a message to those around us even when we’re unaware.


Do our faces tell others that we’re angry or bitter inside? That we feel like we’re fighting a losing battle? Or do they say we’re content, hopeful, and joy-filled?


When we focus our eyes on Jesus and His love for us, our countenance conveys a message for which the world longs. Without our saying a word, others will see peace and love in our faces—a message that cannot be counterfeited.


Question: What does your face say when others look at you?


“Father, fill me with Your Spirit so others see You when they look at me.”


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4 Responses to “What Does Our Face Say?”

    • Grace Fox

      Hi Deborah. Yes–reminders are good. Sometimes we get so lost in our own thoughts that we forget about those around us having needs too. A smile can sometimes change everything for them.

  1. Christina Betts

    My face better say hello (with a happy face of course!!) lol… I have been living this same message for many years. I try to smile and say hello to as many people that I pass during the day. I do it for others… you never know what is going on in peoples lives… a smile or recognition is all they need sometimes. Now my nieghbour is another story…. (ugh) working on that…

    • Grace Fox

      Hi Christina. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. It’s really true–smiles are contagious. Keep working on that neighbour of yours 🙂


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