Conntecting the Dots

Lessons Learned from a Starfish

I cling to you; your strong right hand holds me securely.

 Psalm 63:8 NLT


Gene and I left Vancouver last Monday to sail north to Quadra Island for a friend’s memorial service. We anchored in secluded coves along the way for the first four nights. One morning, when he pulled up the anchor, he found a baby starfish clinging to it.

My mind immediately recalled Psalm 63:8. I thought of times when discouragement or fear shrouded me in darkness. Hope and strength came by clinging to God and His promises. Doing so drew me from darkness into the light of truth. There I gained both a new perspective about my circumstances and the ability to persevere.


When faced with tough times, humanity’s natural inclination isn’t to cling to God and His promises. We cling to our spouse or our kids or a good friend for encouragement. We cling to past experiences for wisdom. We cling to fantasies or alcohol or dreams of a better life. But all these eventually disappoint.


Jesus alone is our Anchor in life’s storms. Let’s hang on tightly to Him so that His sweet presence will draw us from darkness into the light of hope.

Question: What does clinging to Jesus look like to you?


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