Conntecting the Dots

Help is on the Way


I look up to the mountains—does my help come from there? My help comes from the LORD, who made the heavens and earth.  (Psalm 121:1,2 NLT)


Spending time with my grandchildren brings great joy. The older ones are becoming more independent, but the little ones still ask for my help when we’re together: They say thigs like, “Grandma, can you help me wash my hands?” or “Grandma, can you help me reach my jacket on that hanger? It’s too high for me.”


“Of course,” I say. Denying these precious little people or considering their request a bother would never cross my mind. I delight in every opportunity I have to connect with them.


Likewise our heavenly Father delights in connecting with us. No worries, no fears—He’ll never deny us or consider us a bother when we ask for His help. Granted, His method of helping us might not look like what we think it should, but we can rest assured that it’s always rooted in love. He encourages us to come to Him with our requests and welcomes us with open arms.


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