Conntecting the Dots

A Practical Guide to Wise Speech

Have you ever opened your mouth and said something before engaging your brain? If so, how did that work for you?


I’ve been known to do this on occasion, and it didn’t go well. As a result, I’ve begun using this acronym as a resource to help me determine whether or not I really need to say the words waiting to roll off my tongue.


T – Are our words true? If not, zip the lip immediately. Sometimes our words are true but they’re gossip. Sometimes they’re true but blurted in the wrong spirit. They may be true, but they could be considered boastful. Not every truthful word needs to be expressed.


H – Are our words helpful? Will they contribute to another person’s well-being, or are they just a personal rant? Are they spoken at the right time, or might they be better received in a few days or weeks?


I – Are our words inspirational? Our speech ought to inspire hope and encouragement. That doesn’t mean we avoid saying the hard thing to someone who’s heading the wrong direction, but it does mean our words are well chosen and spoken with love.


N – Are our words necessary? Not everything we want to say needs to be said. The more we speak, the more prone we are to say something we later regret. When with others, let’s listen well and then make our words count.


K – Are our words kind? Do they remind others that they matter to us, or do they criticize and belittle?


Wise speech carries the power of life and hope. Using an acronym like “THINK” will help ensure our words bring a smile to God’s face.


Does one of the letters in this acronym resonate with you more than the others? If so, which one?


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2 Responses to “A Practical Guide to Wise Speech”

  1. Sherrie Carroll

    Great advice! Sometimes when I open my mouth I just change feet! But the Holy Spirit is doing a work in me….learning to “pause”

    • Grace Fox

      Hi Sherrie. Your comment made me laugh! We’re all works in progress, and the tongue seems to be a common denominator (so James says). Know you are loved!


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