Conntecting the Dots

Two Little Voices in My Head


Little voices in my head vie for my attention. They start the moment I wake.


“Get up. Go to the gym. You’ll feel so good afterwards.”

“The gym can wait. You need more sleep. Snuggle in.”


The voice that tells me to go the gym wins, but the argument continues while I’m on the treadmill.


“Aren’t you glad you came? Your efforts are worth it.”

“You’ve already walked 1.5 miles. That’s good enough. Quit now and go home.”


The voices go back and forth about what snacks I should or should not eat and the size of my meal portions. They squabble about other matters, too.


“Stop dwelling on that hurtful experience from the past.”

“Why should I? So-and-so hurt me and I can’t let it go.”


“Be content with your circumstances. Bloom where you’re planted.”

“That’s hard. I could feel happy if only things were easier.”



The enemy of our soul whispers lies bent on our destruction, but the Holy Spirit speaks words meant to strengthen and encourage us. Listen well, my friend. Learn to discern who’s speaking. Heed only the voice that speaks peace and life, and you’ll flourish.


Question: So—am I the only one who hears little voices throughout the day? Or do you hear them, too? Share some examples with us, and tell us how the Lord’s words have spoken peace and life to you recently.



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