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How Big is God?

This week’s travels allowed me to see bits and pieces of the earth on which we live—the snow-capped Rockies and the towering Alps, the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, lush forests, barren islands, and the grand finale—a sunset that painted the clouds pink as my plane descended through them and landed on Middle Eastern landscape.


The vastness of our world boggles my mind. Imagine—I spent 14 hours flying at more than 500 mph and still saw only a fraction of what there is to see. And what I saw was only the big stuff. What about the wee marvels like ladybugs and ants, coral and plankton, flowers and fruit of every variety? My soul can’t help but burst into praise to the Artist who planned all this, spoke it into existence, and holds it in His hand.


Here’s something else that boggles my mind: this same God fashioned you and me.


And that’s just a teeny-tiny fraction of what He does for us. Is it any wonder the psalmist burst into song:


“Come, let us sing to the LORD!

Let us give a joyous shout to the rock of our salvation!

Let us come before him with thanksgiving.

Let us sing him psalms of praise.

For the LORD is a great God,

The great King above all gods.

He owns the depths of the earth, and even the mightiest mountains are his.

The sea belongs to him, for he made it.

His hands formed the dry land, too.

Come, let us worship and bow down.

Let us kneel before the LORD, our maker, for he is our God.

We are the people he watches over, the sheep under his care.

Oh, that you would listen to his voice today!”

(Psalm 95:1-7 NLT)


God deserves our worship and adoration. Because of who He is—our Creator—He also deserves our obedience. Why would we choose to argue with Him or defy His authority when He is clearly bigger and wiser than us?


Tomorrow I’ll board another plane and land in a different Middle Eastern country. Too bad it’s a night flight. I won’t be able to see the landscape this time, but I will be able to see the moon and stars. Perhaps, rather than working in flight as I usually do, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride, meditating on the greatness of God as seen in the heavens.


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  1. Deborah Norred

    Miss you Grace. I’m glad you are having a BIG time with our BIG God. I’m praying for you and Gene to be safe and be a blessing to all those you are called to bless. ??⭐️


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