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You Have a Personal Cheering Squad


Spending time with my grandkids is always a treat. Last weekend we celebrated a birthday party at a bike park. The older kids pedaled up, down, and around dirt hills trying to “catch air.” The younger ones found entertainment doing other things, like going for walks through the forest with Grandma and Grandpa.


My four-year-old granddaughter raced ahead of me on the path. Suddenly she called out, “C’mon, Grandma. You can do it! You can, you can!”


The preschooler’s encouragement made me smile. It reminded me of the “huge cloud of witnesses to the life of faith” mentioned in Hebrews 12:1. Did you know that the word “clouds” in this context refers to the highest seats in a Greek stadium?


So, imagine you’re in an arena and fighting….


  • For your marriage
  • For your prodigal son or daughter
  • For the soul of an unbelieving relative or neighbor
  • For the ability to overcome an addiction
  • For the freedom from fear
  • Fill in the blank with your personal struggle


The stadium is packed to the hilt with believers who have already fought their battle and won. They’re cheering you on. “C’mon! You can do it, _________ (your name). Don’t quit! Never give up! You can win the battle over ______________!”


Knowing a multitude of victorious men and women is cheering you on ought to do more than put a smile on your face. Hopefully it infuses you with courage and determination to keep on keeping on


You’re not fighting your battle alone. You’re surrounded by a personal cheering squad whose victories prove you can do it too.


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