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Encouragement for the Weary

Hands down, last week’s highlight was meeting and cuddling grandbaby Alexandra. She’s a seven-pound bundle of pure precious.

I know her parents say Alexandra’s worth the nine-month wait, the long and excruciating labor, and the sleepless nights since her debut. But to say they’re tired is an understatement. That’s why I’m lending a hand for a few days this week.


Life deals us seasons when we become well-versed in weary. I recall a season during which Gene and I oversaw the building of our new house. Circumstances meant selling our existing home first, packing our belongings and finding adequate storage, dealing with endless permit issues, living with my in-laws for two months (an hour’s drive from the building site), and then housesitting for another two months as contractors missed one deadline after another despite best intentions.


I felt a twang in one hip a few days after we moved in. Within hours I could barely walk. A chiropractor friend worked me over and said, “It’s stress, Grace. Your body is reacting to stress.”


The doctor knew what he was talking about. Stressful stuff happened repeatedly for the next two or three years. Every time weariness set in, my neck, back, or hip went twang. “What’s happening in your life this time?” he’d ask when I showed up for treatment.


Weary affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. How good it is to know that Jesus understands. “Come to Me and I will give you rest,” He says. (Matthew 11:28)


Does that mean Jesus removes our weary-causing circumstances? Rarely. It means that, in the midst of those circumstances, He hears our cries for help and meets our need for refreshment.


On the days I feel weariness creep in, my natural bent is to focus on how tired I feel. I’ve learned that doing so only serves to make me feel more spent. Instead, I pray, “Jesus, strength,” and “Jesus, rest.” That simple communication brings Him to the forefront of my mind where He—rather than my circumstances—assumes my full attention. A sense of joy, peace, and gratitude bring renewal to every part of me.

I also visualize Jesus holding me in His strong and protective arms, like my daughter and her husband snuggle their helpless newborn. There, cradled in Jesus’s arms and nestled close to His heart, I find rest. Supernatural strength infuses me and equips me to persevere.


Tell us about a season when you experienced weariness, okay? How did Jesus bring renewal?


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2 Responses to “Encouragement for the Weary”

  1. Nancy Griggs

    I’m actually in a place of weariness right now. I trust the Lord to see me through and give me peace. I have had two homeless people staying with me on and off in my one bedroom apartment. Things got to a head yesterday and I had to be firm and kick them out. They got most of their stuff together and left. They also took a stereo and multiple CD player which is quite expensive. Needless to say they will never be allowed back in. There is much trash to gather and get to the dumpster. It make me weary just looking at it all. I also have some big items I need help getting rid of – a bicycle with flat tires and a lawnmower. Yesterday all I could do was cry, but today is a better day. The Lord is good and He will help me get through this.

    • Grace

      Nancy, I’m so sorry to hear this. You have a tender heart towards people, and it sounds like these folks took advantage of you. My heart hurts for you. Do you have someone who can help you with getting rid of the bike and lawnmower?


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