Conntecting the Dots

Why Do We Doubt God?

Jesus asked the best questions. Here’s one that catches my attention: “Why did you doubt me?”


Jesus had just fed about five thousand men plus women and children with five loaves of bread and two fish. After the disciples had collected the leftovers, He told them to get into a boat and cross the lake while He sent the people home. Then He went up into the hills alone to pray.


That’s when a storm blew in. Wind and waves tossed and thrashed the disciples’ boat. Based on my experience sailing in rough weather, I give giant kudos to Peter for climbing out of the boat to walk toward Jesus. I can also empathize when fear gripped him the moment his focus shifted from the Wavemaker to the waves.


But then came the question: “Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. ‘You have so little faith,’ Jesus said. ‘Why did you doubt me?’” (Matthew 14:31 NLT)


Wow. He could easily ask me the same thing.


In the storm of financial insecurity, why did you doubt My ability to provide for your kids’ educational needs?


In the storm of making a life transition and facing an unknown future, why did you doubt My ability to provide affordable housing?


In the storm of a loved one’s battle with cancer, why do you doubt My kindness and wisdom?


The Bible doesn’t tell us how Peter answered Jesus’s question. Maybe he was sputtering too hard to say anything. Who really knows? I can’t put words in his mouth, but I know how I’d answer.


I’d have to say, “I doubted You because I focused on the present waves rather than on the ways You demonstrated Your presence and power in the past. I doubted You because I anticipated the worst rather than Your best. I doubted You because I lost sight of who You are and Your good intentions toward me and those I love.”


Pondering Jesus’s question has been a good spiritual exercise. It’s helped me understand the importance of fixing my mind on Him and ensuring my thoughts about Him are based on truth. The moment they go elsewhere, doubts roll in and drown me.


Now it’s your turn. Identify a specific instance where you doubted God. How would you answer Him if He asked you why you doubted Him at that time?


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