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4 Meditations on the Names of Jesus – Week 1


The Christmas season is upon us full bore. Even the international airlines featured Hallmark-type Christmas movies on our flight from England to the USA yesterday. I’ll admit it—I enjoy wrapping myself in a warm blanket and watching these movies for fun on cold winter nights as Christmas approaches. I also enjoy wrapping gifts, baking cookies for my neighbors, inviting friends over for board games and hot chocolate, and the anticipation of getting together with my kids and grands.


During quiet moments, I enjoy meditating on the names of Jesus.“These will be his royal titles: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”(Isaiah 9:6). With four names listed and four weeks until Christmas, I thought it would be nice to share a thought about one name per week. How does that sound?


So, for starters, let’s talk about “Wonderful Counselor.” Those two words immediately reassure us that no problem we face is too great for God. He understands every detail involved including those unseen and unknown to us. We might feel confused and clueless, but He knows the best solution and how to achieve it. He also knows not to rush toward quick fixes but to work according to the best timing.


As our Wonderful Counselor, Jesus is accessible at all times. We never need set an appointment to talk with Him. We never need worry that He’ll judge us for sharing our most troubling secrets. We never need fear that He’ll view us as hopeless cases for He instills hope within us.


Our Wonderful Counselor is wisdom personified, and He is more than willing to share that wisdom with us. (James 1:5) He’s also kind and tender. And He always speaks the truth to us for our good even though we might not want to hear it.


The Wonderful Counselor has come to give us wisdom, guidance, and hope. With Him as our Counselor, no problem is unsolvable or insurmountable. Close your eyes for a few moments and ponder the beauty of this gift.


Please—go ahead and tell us what “Wonderful Counselor” means to you.


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2 Responses to “4 Meditations on the Names of Jesus – Week 1”

  1. Marina Bergen

    As I meditate on what Wonderful Counselor means to me, and I place all wisdom and desire of it in Him, I am invited to step as a listener. As I wait patiently for Our Father who knows exactly the advice that we need, my prayer is for a soft and fertile heart in me for Him to reveal such Glorious Wisdom.

    • Grace Fox

      Hi Marina! Thank you for leaving your comment here. You shared an important insight — our need to listen to the Wonderful Counselor when He shares His wisdom with us. You’re absolutely right–we need soft and fertile hearts. And then we need hearts that are willing to obey what He tells us. I’m so grateful that He always has our best interest in mind because He loves us so much. 🙂


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