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To Which Voice Should We Listen?


A woman I’ve known for many years struggles with mental health issues. I can’t pretend to understand the ins and outs of what’s going on in her mind. Neither do I pretend to understand the email she sent me recently, the latest in a litany of hurtful written and spoken words.


I hear this woman’s shaming, name-calling voice in my thoughts. Praying for her well-being and then fixing my mind on all things good and true and honorable, all things worthy of praise, helps turn down its volume but doesn’t erase it completely.


Wrestling through this experience is helping me better identify and understand the power of two spiritual voices vying for our attention. One speaks accusations, lies, shame, and fear over us (Revelation 12:10, John 8:44). The other speaks words of truth, life, and love (Psalm 33:4, Zephaniah 3:17, Isaiah 43:1). One calls us derogatory names to attack our identity and purpose. The other calls us by name and affirms these things in us.


Our response is of vital importance. Listening to the negative voice when it comes calling leads to a dark place of the soul where condemnation and judgment suck the joy and life from us. But listening to the voice of truth banishes the darkness and leads us into the light where peace, healing, and hope reign.


To which voice do you most often listen—the liar or the truth-teller? The one that accuses or the one that affirms? I pray it’s the latter. And I pray that you (and I) will walk in the truth He speaks over us. Here’s my prayer in that regard today:


“Father God, thank You for speaking words of truth and love. Tune our ears to hear Your voice. Make us keenly aware of the enemy’s whispers and lies, and give us the ability to shut them down before they take root in our minds. Guide us and grow us in our faith so that we might live abundantly and live to fulfill Your purpose in and through us. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


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2 Responses to “To Which Voice Should We Listen?”

  1. Maggie Rowe

    Grace, thank you for these words of wisdom today borne out of your own painful experience. I can relate all too well due to a situation that went on far too long. But for this we have Jesus, and he has given us each other. My prayers are with you, sister! I am proud to know you and am so grateful for your ministry on multiple levels.

    • Grace Fox

      Maggie, thank you for those encouraging words. My heart aches for the pain you’ve experienced, too. You’re right, though–for this we have Jesus. And may we reflect Him and His love consistently, even when we hurt.


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