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4 Truths to Remember When the Wind and Waves Rage


Living and traveling on a sailboat has given me a whole new appreciation for anyone who makes a living from the sea. Some days the water barely ripples and I’m able to sit in the cockpit and work on my laptop as Sailor Man guides us through BC’s islands. Other days, the wind and the waves rage. I hang on for dear life, or I crawl into the salon to ensure there are no objects flying about because I accidentally left them unsecured before leaving the dock. Seriously—the thought of being tossed into foaming, frigid water leaves me white-knuckled and nauseous.


I suspect that’s how Jesus’s disciples felt as they rode out a storm in the middle of a lake in the middle of the night. (Mark 6:47-51) The wind thrashed and the waves splashed, and the experienced fishermen feared they might die. Their terror grew worse when Jesus approached them while walking on the water and they mistook Him for a ghost.


Everything changed when Jesus spoke the words, “It’s all right. I am here. Don’t be afraid.” Then He climbed into the boat with His friends, and the storm stilled.


We’ve all found ourselves in a storm this year. Some far more than others. I’m feeling the wind and the waves as my elderly mother continues to battle with a benign brain tumor that’s affected her entire right side. Steroids to reduce inflammation have triggered a host of other issues. One problem leads to another, it seems. What will her baseline capabilities be when things settle down? What kind of care will best meet her needs? And how will those details pan out especially during COVID?


Trying to keep our heads above water takes all the energy we can muster sometimes, right? When the storm makes me feel like I’m hanging on for dear life, I focus on these insights from this Bible story.


  • Jesus is never taken by surprise when the wind rises and the waves roll. He put the disciples into the boat knowing full well what their future held. He knows what our future looks like, too. Nothing happens that takes Him by surprise. (Jeremiah 29:11)


  • Jesus was in prayer when the disciples ran into trouble. I wonder if He was praying for these men. One of His roles is to pray for us. When we’re in trouble battling the storms of life, He’s sitting at the Father’s right hand interceding on our behalf. (Romans 8:34)


  • Jesus saw the disciples in their situation. He took notice of their needs. (Mark 6:48) Back in the book of Genesis, Hagar named Him “the God who sees,” when He took notice of her needs in the wilderness. (Genesis 16:13) He’s the same today as He was then. We’re never out of His sight. (Psalm 139:2-5)


  • Jesus came to the disciples’ rescue. He did so by joining them, climbing into the boat with them. He’s with us in the midst of our storms, too. His promise to never leave or forsake us assures us that we are never, ever alone. (Matthew 28:20).


 My friends, keep your minds focused on the Truth as we ride out the COVID storm and any others that churn up the wind and waves. None of this has taken the Lord by surprise. He sees us and He prays for us. All will be well because He’s in the boat with us.


Have a great day, and know you are loved.


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  1. Emma

    Dear Grace – This posting brings a reminder: of congregation’s song, awhile back : (wording) ,”hold us fast, TILL THE STORM PASSES BY” . And, there,s the element of HOPE, (after song refers to “Enemy” may call it hopeless ),
    — we CAN know, HE , Lord is with us, amen.
    Btw. –
    Do, so Hope /pray re thy stresses …your mom’s situation.


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