Conntecting the Dots

Why Pray in the Power in Jesus’ Name?

“Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name.” (Philippians 2:9 ESV)


How do you close your prayers? I usually say, “In Jesus name, amen.”


Truth be told, I’m probably guilty of rattling off these words without much thought to their significance. It does me good to pause and to ask, “Why pray in Jesus’ name, anyway?”


Here’s the thought that comes to mind in answer to that question: We pray in Jesus’ name because it encompasses His character, authority and reputation.


Jesus’ name conquers death, overcomes evil, and transforms lives. It grants sight to the blind and enables the lame to leap and dance. In His name, the mute sing and the deaf hear. Broken bodies are healed, and broken hearts find hope.


Praying in the power of Jesus’ name grounds our faith.


Here are a few examples of prayers I pray often. Becoming more mindful of the power of Jesus’ name has helped me bring these requests to God with greater confidence.


  • “Heavenly Father, a friend is losing hope. Surround and fill her with a sense of Your presence and peace. Have mercy on her and heal her, please. I ask You this in Jesus’ name, amen.”
  • “Dear Lord, the world seems to be going crazy. Amidst heart-stopping news broadcasts, rise up and show Yourself strong. Rush to the rescue of the innocent suffering around the world. Conquer evil once for all. I ask You this in Jesus’ name, amen.”
  • “Oh God, my children and grandchildren are growing up in a society that gives You little regard. Protect them from the evil one, and teach them Your ways so they can shine as lights in the darkness. I ask You this in Jesus’ name, amen.”


Because of who Jesus is, praying in His name gives us faith to believe that God will hear and answer in a way that is completely right and in the right timing. It bolsters our confidence and fills us with expectant watchfulness.


What concerns are on your heart today? Turn them into a prayer, and bring them to God in Jesus’ name.


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