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God Surrounds Us


Every so often a Bible verse presents a visual image that sticks like glue to my sanctified imagination. Psalm 125:2 is one of them: “Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, both now and forever.” This verse, especially with its use of the word ‘surround,’ has become a favorite in my prayers.


When Gene and I face major decisions, we ask God to surround us with His protection, protecting us from doing anything contrary to His purposes.


When I pray for my kids and grandkids, I ask God to surround them with His lovingkindness and protection from the evil one.


When I receive emails from readers who are going through difficult experiences, I pray for God to surround them with His compassion and a tangible evidence of His presence in their lives.


The Cambridge English dictionary defines surround as “to be everywhere around something.”


Isn’t that beautiful as it relates to the Christian life? The Lord surrounds His people both now and forever. He is everywhere around us. Nothing can touch us unless He parts the way and allows it. If He allows suffering to touch us, then He surrounds us with mercy and strength as needed. If injustice touches us, then He surrounds us with assurance that He is our Defender and will someday set everything right.


I’ve breathed many personal sentence prayers using the word ‘surround:’

  • “Father, surround me with Your wisdom.”
  • “God, surround me with Your love.”
  • “Jesus, surround me with Your provisions.”


Praying this way floods me with peace.  How about you? What are you facing today? Stand on the truth of God’s Word and pray: “God, surround me with Your _______.”



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