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What Is Your Response to Disappointment?

Hi, my friend! I’m currently taking a few days’ break with family, so I invited my friend Rebecca Barlow Jordan to share a post with you this week. She has some sweet insights about dealing with disappointments. I know we can all relate to that topic.


Rebecca is a prolific writer and minister’s wife, has two children and four grandchildren, and lives in Texas. Connect with her on her website to learn more about her and her latest book, Day-votions® with Your Faithful Father: 90 Days with the One Who Wants to Meet All Your Needs.



Disappointment can knock on your door dressed in a variety of “costumes.”


Betrayal. A doctor’s report. An unexpected phone call. A tragic loss.


I remember when I received the phone call about my father, and how it brought me to my knees. “He’s gone.” I never got to say goodbye.


Or when my gynecologist’s brow furrowed as he placed his stethoscope to my abdomen and frowned: “There’s no heartbeat.” And that’s only a few. We’ve all experienced our own.


I haven’t always responded the way I wanted to when disappointment arrived at my doorstep. But through the years, God has taught me some awesome things about His character and His activity in my life—and in all our lives.


What would your faithful Father tell you if you talked to Him about your disappointment? Does God really care about your concerns? Is He too busy to listen?


Throughout the Bible, God offers encouragement when disappointment tries to steal our hopes, joys, and dreams. How do we respond at those times? As we turn to Him, based on His Word and His attributes, I wonder what our faithful heavenly Father might say to us personally. Here’s what I imagine Him saying to me.


“My child, disappointment can creep into your life like an unseen enemy. Just like in a marriage or a family, when you hold on to misplaced expectations, you will meet frustration head-on. Imperfect people will let you down; circumstances will cloud your perspective, and life will disappoint you. Sometimes you even get angry with Me if My answers are not what you expected or if I don’t come through like you thought I would. But I will never withhold My love or anything good from My children.

“I am the One who never disappoints. And I always know what’s best for you. How you choose to respond is up to you. But instead of giving up, try giving your discontentment to Me. Are you afraid that I will disappoint you if you place your life and circumstances in My hands? I’ve always been faithful. My Holy Spirit has flooded your heart with My love and security. When you open your heart to Me, placing your hopes and expectations in Me, I have promised you a wonderful love relationship with Me—the One who never disappoints.”


God’s Word reassures us and encourages us to respond in a way that draws us closer to Him. He is, after all, the only One who never disappoints.


Here’s my grateful prayer response to His Word:


“Lord, You’ve never been the source of my disappointment. I recognize my misplaced blame and the power of Your name and character. At times I’ve let my fear be a stumbling stone that keeps me from the joy and peace You’ve planned for me. I can so easily base my faith on past experiences: broken relationships, unfulfilled hopes, or unrealized dreams. Like so many, I ignore the truth, trusting instead in myself or others as if that will smooth my path and bring the needed answers I want. But that’s not what I desire. I know You are the only way to a hope-filled life. If I stumble, let me stumble into Your arms. You are the One who never disappoints, and You will never disappoint me.”


Here are a few verses from God’s Word that verify His care for us in times of disappointment:


Those who believe in him will never be disappointed. Romans 9:33 TLB


And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love. Romans 5:5 NLT


I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 NLT


After reflecting on His Words, my heart will rest on this truth:


Disappointment is only an appointment to trust God more.


Here’s a challenge for you today to help you plan your response the next time you face disappointment:


Write down any recent disappointments you’ve experienced. How did you react? Do you see any misplaced expectations? One by one, turn them over to God and ask Him to renew your life with joy. How would you like to respond to disappointments the next time you encounter them?


¹© 2022, Rebecca Barlow Jordan, adapted from Day-votions® with Your Faithful Father: 90 Days with the One Who Wants to Meet All Your Needs, All Rights Reserved. Parts of this blog post were first published on Rebecca’s blog.


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