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Becoming Visible

Cheri Strange connected with me recently online and asked me to consider endorsing her new book, Can You See Me, Now? Good news for the lonely, left out, and less than. 

becoming visible

I read it from cover to cover, and I loved it. I could totally relate to the reality of feeling overlooked and invisible, and I found her approach down-to-earth, wise, and insightful. Cheri’s book has just released, and it’s a pleasure to help her spread the word to others who might be struggling with feeling invisible. Welcome her today and find encouragement in her words to us today.

Becoming Visible

James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes in the Dispersion: Greetings.

James 1:1 ESV

Childhood recess can leave a mark. Where I grew up, unless your teeth were in jeopardy, or you broke a bone, the adults didnt pay attention to fairness, feelings, or failings. It was the kind of environment where thicker skins developed and existing hurts became more ingrained. Exclusion from a game with the popular girls, vicious name calling, or the humiliation of being the last resort when teams divided could be painful pricks, especially when reinforced through the years. Maybe you can relate. The dread of recognizing all you are not can be debilitating to the point we find ourselves in the corner, once again, questioning Gods purpose for our lives.

Know to Whom We Belong

From the opening lines of his book, James, if he had any, left that dread on the playground. In one sentence, the man declared his clear sense of Gods purpose for his life. The victory is not making a smart choice about whether to become a plumber as opposed to the expected carpenter but knowing to whom he belongs and how that should play out in his life.

Paul describes this knowing to the Corinthians, asking them to consider who God calls” (1 Corinthians 28:30). You see, these individuals leaned toward obscurity. Here Paul rightly reminds them of Gods strange work of the Gospel in them so that Jesus might get the glory, rather than man.

You can see the potential problems if we were left in charge. The prettiest people would get the gifts and blessings. The smartest would be privy to the truth. We would reserve all other offices for those possessing charisma, leaving the rest of humanity out of luck.

God’s Gospel Gives Us Purpose

Thankfully, its not my Gospel. Its not the Gospel Paul preaches, nor the one James writes about. God chooses the weak, those with no pedigree, who are unworthy of notice. Non-essentials. The nothings of this world. He chooses them on purpose. There is room for you and for me.

Has God found you in all your obscurity, like James? Your God specializes in calling the things that are not, as if they are. Although James holds a place of prominence, leading the Christian church in Jerusalem, he calls himself the servant of God and Jesus Christ. What if you took on this same calling? Consider one difference you could make today toward this goal.


Cheri Strange is a national speaker, visionary of She Yearns Ministries, and holds a Ph.D. from Baylor University. She lives in Houston with her husband, Chad, their eight children, and her Maine Coon cat. Find her on the YouVersion app, her website, or Instagram. Cheri Strange

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